Regular Batch

PGIAMS trains MBBS students for qualifying in the post-graduate entrance for MD and MS both in scientific pedagogy. The preparation system comes in tiers and layers of methods schemed to unlock the success door. Any competitive exam for entrance in higher studies needs more attention rather than only coverage of the syllabus. For MBBS students who are seeking special guidance for higher studies like MD and MS need to concentrate on the rudimentary as well as advanced parts of studies. PGIAMS Faculty just ensure the whole procedure being done systematically for a better result.

What do we provide?
a. Face facing classes
b. Online and offline test and discussion series.
C. Doubt clearing session
d. Revision classes
e.Revision test series.
f. WhatsApp Support
g. PGIAMS Image-based booklet

Face-Face Classes: All the classes are given by expert doctors as Professors to ensure quality teaching. All the nineteen subjects are provided with respective guides to support the student's need for better performance in the exam.

Face to face classes cut off the required time for learning always. Students learn along with clearing any doubt from teachers. The first batch commences from the coming January. There are other batches followed up by this batch. These are on 8th February, 1st March and 1st April.

Online and offline tests and discussion series: the only face to face classes are not enough. Online and offline test series followed by a discussion series is necessary for effective teaching-learning process.

The questions produced by the faculty and asked in the classroom are always notable for having high chances to appear in the exam. Online and offline test series will help the aspirant to evaluate the journey to the aim.

The discussion series also includes the advanced solution of many questions asked by students. Discussions will provide interactive sessions for betterment.

Doubt clearing session: This session is supposed to be the most important for aspirants who are focused on cracking the PG entrance. Whatever is learned by students can be not so clarified. One might have doubts. Professional faculty is always eager to help them

Revision class: Revision classes are always important for gathering more data and correcting all mistakes. It helps to make PGIAMS students worthy to pass with assured success

Revision test series: PGIAMS arrange revision test series even after revision class. These series involve weekly, mock and grand tests.

WhatsApp Support: A WhatsApp support is always there for more support to students who want to know any information quickly from remote.

Image-based Booklet: We provide an image-based booklet for further understanding of our system pen to paper.

Next level Training is interesting because it is a complete collection of the whole series of teaching-learning process a student can ask for. PGIAMS arranges for a higher level of standard to make a sure shot success for students. The student's mind-set is also kept in mind while scheming the whole thing.

It provides a platform for aspirants to understand the syllabus from a new perspective. Cracking the exam does not only mean about completing the syllabus, but it also helps to get the syllabus from a perspective of the existing MBBS syllabus which they have gone through already. Motivation and counselling sessions are of extra benefit for those who enroll with PGIAMS.