Test & Discussion Series

Test and Discussion series is useful when a student's knowledge needs to be evaluated along with time management. At PGIAMS we set a proper set of questions for this purpose. PGIAMS Faculty are experience enough to organize it keeping in mind about student's requirements. Level of learning, time management, accuracy, the reflex to answer everything is included while making a set of the question paper. Test and discussions include nineteen subjects and mock test series.

Nineteen subjects: Tests conducted on all subjects in the syllabus. Time management, flexibility in answering and scores are noted to find weaker areas by the expert faculty. Discussion and revision sessions can be conducted just after completion of every exam by PGIAMS Faculty. Three parts are there for completing MCQ areas: Part A (50 MCQs), Part B (100 MCQs) and Part C (150 MCQs).

Mock Tests: All total of three mock tests are conducted. Every test includes a minimum of five subjects. Every aspect of the subjects is allocated in tests for the evaluation of learning. The PGIAMS Faculty are concerned about proper evaluation for increasing better performance in the second mock test. The last mock test will give an overview of how these tests can make you ready for the final exam.

Revision sessions will come along with mock tests so that aspirants can undergo it side by side. The faculty will always be by the side of students to rectify doubts and to keep them on track.

Every kind of guidance along with counselling will help to aspire better results in PG entrance. Questions that will come in mock tests have a high probability to get repeated in the final exam. Students do not need to grope for ensuring success.