Test Series

It is not studying theory what we offer you. PGIAMS provides an in-depth procedure to go through the whole process. Multiple Choice Questions are very tricky as it needs detailed attention and tricks to remember things. MBBS students or doctors who are aspiring for PG entrance selection need a thorough check-up of the whole syllabus. Test series in an interval will help you to bring things under evaluation and determination for improvement in student's minds.

Solving MCQ questions within the period will be helpful for both trainers and learners to complete the syllabus strategically. It will help to improve accuracy and decision making capability in student's performance every time he or she will appear in a test series. Mock test, grand test, weekly test, and revision test will be helpful to complete test series in three months. Standards of learning will be improved automatically after evaluation in tests. Knowledge of each topic will be profound day by day.

Weekly Test: Weekly test is conducted every week for generating more confidence in student's mind. This involves every subject along with sub-topics. A weekly test is a necessary part of the journey for a closure view of the improvement areas and weak-points. This test is conducted offline mainly.

The weekly evaluation will increase motivation in mind for better performance every week. Engagement with the study will be increased as a result. These question papers are prepared by the PGIAMS Faculty for special attention to selective areas of the syllabus. Each topic has 5 questions in each paper.

Mock Test: Mock test comprises of five subjects as per class schedule. It is arranged every month in a certain period of the coaching session for evaluating the success rate of aspirants. Mock tests are available online and offline. These are conducted under faculty surveillance.

Grand Test: Grand test is conducted once in a month following the whole exam pattern of the PG entrance exam. This test comprises of all nineteen subjects along with scheduled time just like a demo of the original exam. It will provide a mirror image of student's preparation ensuring success. MBBS students or doctors will experience the actual outlook of the PG entrance exam. This is conducted online and offline both following the convenience of the student.